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Connected to Chicago (12/29/19) – Aspects of Trump, 2019 Political Highlights, and Looking Into the 2020 Crystal Ball.

Connected to Chicago (12/29/19) – Aspects of Trump, 2019 Political Highlights, and Looking Into the 2020 Crystal Ball.

Mike reviews some of the facts and testimony presented as evidence during the House impeachment hearings. Is there enough proof on the 2 articles of impeachment? Why stop at only 2 charges? Have the democrats done enough to persuade the American people to swing their votes to the left in next year’s elections. Will the House stay a Democrat majority and are there enough vulnerable seats in the Senate to change the majority control?

In this week’s round table segment, Bill is joined by Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Topics include reviewing the many accomplishments being touted by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Looking into the crystal ball to see who will Heather & Lynn believe might be the Democratic candidate for President in 2020.

Then Lauren Cohn finds out about Christopher House, a family of schools working to provide education to families who need early head start learning. The schools provide additional care for low-income / at-risk children so they succeed in school, the workplace, and life. Their support starts with per-kindergarten readiness and continues through the 8th grade. Board Chair, Dee Dee Chesley explains their services and school programs.

Connected to Chicago (10-05-2019) Special Guest MarySue Barrett

MarySue Barrett, President of Metropolitan Planning Council ( Excessive state taxes, spending by schools in Illinois and finding ways to make them balance buy creating better budget & spending plans while improving the services offered.

Cook County has a new Assessor who is working towards improvements in the office while maintaining the operation of the office and its responsibility to accurately and fairly asses property values and their associated tax responsibility. With a Chicago budget deficit hole projected to be over $838 million, Mayor Lori Lightfoot might be forced to increase taxes to help close the gap.

This Week the ‘Most Experienced Round Table in Chicago Media’ gathers to discuss news of the week. The budget hole leads the discussion as the media team offers a historic review of the situation and the possible solutions that might upset residents as services are reduced while taxes are increased. Public school teachers in Chicago have authorized a strike and while we’ve seen it before; Mayor Lightfoot needs to find a solution before the picket lines are setup at CPS locations. Nationally, the move to impeach President Trump seems to be licking up speed and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi feels that the whole thing can be wrapped up by Thanksgiving.

John Dempsey checks out Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s announcement of elimination of late fines and clearing debts of patrons for previous occurrences. With the announcement, Chicago becomes the largest city, and largest public library system in the U.S., to join the growing movement of eliminating overdue fines. Such fines have increasingly been found to be an ineffective tool in encouraging the return of library materials. Library patrons will still be responsible for returning books, and those who that do not return their books will still need to either replace, or pay for the value of, any materials not returned.

The Chicago PoPo Report (09-28-19)

This week on the Chicago PoPo Report: A whole city wishes an injured police officer well, Federal agents raid Springfield, Jury finds Timothy Trybus guilty, Indiana couple accused of abandoning daughter, Illinois Man Learns Wisconsin Marijuana Rules The Hard Way, and Theft Suspect Caught Making Topless Getaway.


The Chicago PoPo Report (09-14-19)

This week on the Chicago PoPo Report: Mayor Lori Lightfoot says city ‘can’t afford’ current police OT costs, COPA recommends firing Chicago officer over 2010 shooting of boyhood friend, Fake Cop Arrested On Gun, Impersonation Charges, Judge denies gag order in Marlen Ochoa-Lopez case, Former U of I professor sued for rape, Church Allegedly Forced Labor of Homeless, and and funky crime and punishment time around the nation.


Drive Chicago (08/03/19) – Review of the BMW Z4

WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill speak are talking summer car care with Fred Joseph from Turtle Wax, reviewing the BMW Z4, the perfect fun summer roadster and share some fun automotive things to do around Chicagoland.

Drive Chicago (07/27/19) – Review of the Cadillac XT4

WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill speak with auto enthusiast and author Matt Avery about GM’s COPO cars, review Cadillac’s subcompact crossover, the XT4, and provide the latest in automotive news and events.

Lori Lightfoot Leads Labor Law Legislation Leaf Turning – Connected to Chicago (07/28/19)

Bill Cameron sits down with President and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Jack Lavin. They discuss the fair work week ordinance, and the importance of its implementation. Lavin shares what is next on the Chamber’s agenda, with issues including infrastructure, transportation, and pensions. He presents a new asset transfer idea, which could help fund pensions, and explains his position on the new $15 minimum wage. Bill also talks with Chicago Congressman, Dan Lipinski. Bill asks about Lipinski’s position on the two year budget bill, and the raising of the national debt.

On this week’s roundtable, Bill Cameron is joined by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Fran Spielman of The Chicago Sun Times, and Heather Cherone, of The Daily Line. They discuss Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her role in the fair work week ordinance, as well as her “live mic” comments, and a verbal altercation she was involved in this week. They also discuss Alderman Ed Burke and the new issues he faces due to the Ethics Reform in Chicago.

This week’s Community Spotlight segment with John Dempsey is on Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to reform the way the city hands out fines for not paying parking tickets, or not having a city sticker.

Drive Chicago (07/20/19) – Review of the RAM mega truck

The C8 Corvette has finally been unveiled!! WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill speak with Kirk Bell, senior editor of Motor Authority about the Corvette unveiling. A full review of the RAM mega truck, the 3500 Heavy Duty Longhorn, automotive news, and local events round out a packed show.

Tom Bevan Show (07/14/2019)

Carl Cannon on the expected beginning of ICE activity today. Bill Scher and the ‘race rift’ between Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. John Della Volpe has the latest poll results including some interesting findings about U.S. free trade policy over the past decade. There also is some concern about trade with China and Mexico. Lastly, Carrie Severino, talks to Tom about the new book “Justice on Trial” about The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court

Home Sweet Home Chicago (07/13/19): MegaPro Joe Hogel, Kredit Guru Gary Novel, ComEd Energy Doctor, Michelle Ackman

This Weekend’s Show:

MegaPro’s Joe Hogel answers David’s questions about constructions permits following the city of Chicago’s recent shut down HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab” show because of numerous violations.

Gary Novel “KREDIT GURU”: Helping a client raise their Credit Scores over 110 points with all 3 credit bureaus in 4 months!

COMED Energy Doctor, Michelle Ackman: The benefits of including Solar Energy at home, business and farm. Learn about discounts and ways you can save energy (and money) through a home energy assessment.

Drive Chicago (07/13/19) – Review of the Ford Ranger

WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill review the long awaited return of the Ford Ranger, talk with a Nissan executive about their focus on sedans and share the latest in automotive news, including some discussion on the death of Lee Iacocca.

Drive Chicago (07/06/19) – Review of the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill review the Chicago Auto Show World Debut vehicle, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, discuss the upcoming BBQ for the Troops events taking place across Chicagoland and chat about one of the biggest summer car show, the IOLA Car Show & Swap Meet in Wisconsin.

Tom Bevan – Democratic Debates and Supreme Court Decisions (06/30/19)

This week on Tom Bevan (6/30/19) – Tom and Phil Wegman discuss the winners and losers from the Democratic debates. John Kass jumps on and claims that the debate could spell the end for Joe Biden. After President Trump met with Kim Jong Un, AB Stoddard details what’s next for negotiations with North Korea. Plus, Charles Lipson covers the two major rulings handed down by the Supreme Court this week.

Stephanie Trussell (06/29/19) Co-Hosts: Carol Davis & Jan Shaw

Stephanie Trussell (06/29/19). Kicking off the Fourth of July week, Stephanie is joined in-studio with co-hosts Carol Davis and Jan Shaw. The first hour includes an interview with David Shestokas the author of “Creating the Declaration of Independence” detailing how Thomas Jefferson was reluctant to draft the declaration, and how many viewed his work as insignificant. The second hour the ladies are joined in-studio by James Marter who is taking on Laura Underwood for the Illinois 14th Congressional District, James discussed his policies and what to expect from his campaign. The last hour Joe Dibraccio calls in and details his new restaurant in Lisle, IL “Caffe Di Moda” and the plan to expand more business in downtown Lisle. Mark’s man on the street report includes a special guest you are not going to want to miss.

Trip Sisters Episode 55 – 4th of July Travel Including Milwaukee & Cleveland (06/29/19)

If you’re looking to travel for Independence Day, Colleen, Catie, and guest Christina Paull (along with her kids) share their picks with you for the holiday weekend. Later, Thaddeus Hanscom of Vacasa discusses summer travel trends and details some mistakes that people make when planning their vacations. Also, listen to find out how you can win a vaction ‘redo’ by telling your vacation horror story.

Home Sweet Home Chicago (6/29/19) – David Hochberg with Cory Ambrose of JC Restoration, Mega Pros Founder Joe Hogel, Jimmy from Lawn and Tree Medix, and David Schlueter

With all the rain coming down throughout the Chicagoland area, what can you do to prevent damage to your house/basement? And if water damage is already done, what can you do now? Later, a caller asks how he can help his daughter buy a house, and David gets heated talking about the new taxes coming to Illinois.

Drive Chicago (06/29/19) – Review of the Chevrolet Blazer

WLS News Anchor Rob Martier, General Manager Mark Bilek and Chicago Auto Show Marketing Director Jim OBrill review the bold new Chevrolet Blazer, talk MOPAR with Kim Mathers, and highlight some fourth of July car shows and parades worth catching.

Tom Bevan – New Illinois Taxes & AOC’s “Concentration Camps”

This week on Tom Bevan (06/23/19) – John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute breaks down the new taxes coming to Illinois. Carl Cannon also joins and shares why he believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chose to use the term ‘concentration camp’ in her Instagram rant. Plus, Phil Wegman discusses the ongoing Iran situation, and Susan Crabtree tells us all about Joe Biden’s biggest gaffe.

Ric Edleman – The Longest Bull Market and the Good Times We Are Having. (06-23-19)

Ric is excited about the longest Bull Market in recent history, and even though the Bear Market is inevitable we should be excited about the financial times we’re living in. Facebook plans to have it’s own cryptocurrency “Libra” in the coming years, and Peter Kaldes, from The South Florida Institute on Aging to discuss how retiree’s are outliving their retirement.

Stephanie Trussell (06/22/19) Co-Host: Charles Love & Guests including Willie Wilson.

Stephanie Trussell (06/22/19). Stephanie is accompanied by co-host Charles Love, in the first hour they are joined by Minister LaTasha Fields discussing her visit to D.C. this week speaking in front of the House. The jam packed second hour includes in-studio visits from Willie Wilson former Chicago mayoral candidate and Jimmy Lee Tillman who plans to run against Bobby Rush. The last hour includes Mark’s man on the street report.

Trip Sisters Episode 54 – Ireland (06/22/19)

Colleen and Catie’s Picks on where to stay, what to do, and the restaurants/pubs you should try in Ireland. Billy Condon of Tourism Ireland provides some insight on traversing Ireland with the family, and how you can save some money on your trip. In travel news, a London bar has become the city’s first nudist pub, and the sisters debate over whether or not they’d grab a drink there. Check out for more information!