Must-watch videos of the week

A teen uses “bear” strength to save her dogs, a CNN anchor tries bugs for breakfast and an infamous 1980s figure is going viral on YouTube. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Dog mom versus momma bear

It was her first instinct, seventeen-year-old Hailey Morinico said, when she saw her dog in the jaws of a bear to run towards the massive mammal. Her advice to others: don’t try this at home.

“Oh the crunch!”

Chef Bun Lai added a new “crunchy” breakfast delicacy to CNN anchor Brianna Keilar’s plate and it’s definitely not Cap’n Crunch. Keilar samples a cicada live on “New Day.”

Surprising artist spotlight

Americans remember John Warnock Hinckley Jr. as the man shot President Reagan in 1981 and then spent 35 years in a psychiatric hospital. But now, for thousands of his subscribers on YouTube, Hinckley Jr. is a new source of original love songs and classic covers.

An unexpected guest

Three Montana sheriff’s deputies woke up to an uninvited guest at their downtown Milwaukee Airbnb — a teenager who wound up in the wrong house. It wasn’t this teen’s lucky night, but these deputies say he could have found himself in worse situations.

Disney gets a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

This new 3-D Spider-Man attraction at the Avengers Campus in Disney’s California Adventure Park analyzes guests’ movement 60 times per second to create an interactive “web-slinger” experience.